Fast, frugal and compact is the name of the Alto Work's game.

The manual transmission makes it fun, and this one's been dusted with quality performance parts from Blitz, KC Technica and Work Wheels.

The Suzuki Alto Works is a turbocharged performance kei hatchback that’s been sold in Japan for over 40-years.

Dubbed Alto Works ‘ha36s’ – and still sold new in the Motherland– it weighs just 720kg and is powered by a 660cc turbocharged engine with 47kW/100Nm.

Factor in power to weight and the general nature of a lightweight car means they’re incredibly fun to drive and will no-doubt make you smile.

Even at 3.39-metres wide by 1.47-metres long, you’ll fit four adults comfortably in a Suzuki Alto Works. We managed to fit two baby seats in the back – check out the interior gallery for proof!

The car pictured – 2016 Suzuki Alto Works HA36S

Our Suzuki Alto Works is factory turbo model, meaning it’s powered by a 66cc ‘R06A’ engine with 47kW/100Nm. Coupled with a five-speed manual. A CVT auto also available, but we think they’re best served with three pedals like this example.

It was also factory-optioned with black Recaro seats that not only look awesome, but also feel great to sit in. On top of smart key entry and start, full LED automatic headlights and a double-din stereo, this example car was further enhanced with some high-quality Japanese performance parts.

The centre-exit cat-back exhaust and adjustable coilover suspension was procured from Blitz Japan, whereas the wheels from Work Wheels Japan and the cold-air induction system from KC Technica Japan. For reference, the wheels specifications are 16×6 / 16×6.5 with a +38 offset all-round.

With the added damping ability of Blitz suspension and the added grip of a larger tyre, this Suzuki Alto Works Turbo is here to party.

Quick facts

  • 2016 Suzuki Alto Works Turbo
  • 74,500km
  • P Plate legal
  • Five-speed manual transmission
  • Factory optioned with Recaro seats
  • Factory equipment: Full automatic LED headlights, smart key entry and start, climate control, three cup holders, plentiful cabin storage
  • 720kg kerb weight
  • 660cc Suzuki ‘R06A’ turbo engine / front-engine / front-wheel drive
  • SOLD!
You don't need to go fast to have fun, and there's something great about driving a light and little car at 8/10ths where the speeds won't put you in jail.

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