Find it is the most affordable way to import your own car.

How much to find a car?

Find It is our premium brokerage service where we find, inspect, buy, and import a vehicle for you.

We strongly believe in transparent pricing, and our Find It service offers that level of detail to the sharp-eyed shopper.​

Using Find It gives you access to other cost-savings measures too, like discounted international vehicle freight.

Find it costs $1815 for vehicles from Japan or New Zealand, and $2000 for vehicles from Europe, America and the UAE.

How long does it take?

Late model cars (2008+) that are readily available in Japan can be sourced within weeks.

Collector-grade or cult cars from Japan or New Zealand – Like a high-quality Toyota Century or a Subaru WRX STI widebody – usually take around four-to-six weeks to find.

Rarer, or more specific requests from Europe, UAE or America, can take up to six months.

During the on-boarding process, we’ll vet your requests against our private database of international sales as a simple feasibility study on time/cost before we begin.

It’s also an easy way to discover what kind car your budget allows for. It also ensures we’re not wasting each other’s time looking for Unobtainium.

What does my budget get me?

Alongside access to historic international auction sales prices, we also keep our own database of car trading values too.

It means we can have a grown-up discussion about the sort of car you’re expecting to buy before we start searching.

Coupled with our import vehicle price calculator – found on this page – it’s easy to accurately estimate how much your imported car will cost landed and complied in Australia.

How do you differ from the competition?

We offer more than just finding and buying you a car from Japan.

Our customers are entitled to unlimited vehicle inspections overseas, meaning they can shop ’till they drop.

Every car we buy is also stored undercover in our own facility – not at external holding yards, and never at the wharf.

The same goes for when the car arrives in Australia, as we have our own workshop and do not outsource this part of the process either.

And lastly, our Find It customers also receive direct access to our international vehicle shipping rate card.

With volume comes discounts, and we extend those discounts directly with our Find It family.

Transparent pricing is what we believe in most – as well as unrivalled customer service.

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