Every vehicle imported into Australia must undergo compliance by an approved workshop.

What is import vehicle compliance?

Before hitting the road in your freshly imported vehicle, you’ll need to have it certified by a Registered Automotive Workshop (RAW) – like ours.

Our workshop is able to conduct ‘compliance’ on imported vehicles and help road-register them in any state or territory in Australia. You can find our federal Government approval here.

What about personal imports, 25-year old imports or historic imports?

There are three main pathways to import a vehicle into Australia:

  • Special Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme (SEVS),
  • 25-year old scheme including left-hand drive,
  • Personal import scheme.

However, you can’t just import any car you want. Read our guide to determine the eligibility of the car you wish to import.

import vehicle guide

Can you road register my race / rally import?

In some cases, owners of race-only and rally-only import vehicles are now able to obtain road registration under the new RVSA act.

We are certified to carry out this work and certify your circuit weapon.​