A low-kilometre and factory-fresh Honda NSX

Kaiser silver with a factory brilliant black roof gives this example style, modernity and a slice of class.

We had the pleasure of representing this fantastic investment-grade 1990 Honda NSX.

Its factory-ordered combination of Kaiser silver / brilliant black roof / black leather interior promoted a sense of timelessness, and its original wheels certainly honoured that brochure-perfect look we’ve all come to know and love.

The automatic transmission and electric power steering does change the character and nature of a Honda NSX on the road, but the chassis remains the same between M/T and A/T vehicles.

The automatic model still provides a great sense of speed at moderate pace, and the low-down seating position enabled by its mid-engine layout simply makes the experience unlike  else for similar money.

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About the car pictured – 1990 Honda NSX (NA1)

This example has covered just 43,000km from new and was a one-owner car in Japan.

It spent its life in-and-around inner Tokyo and featured a completely-original paintwork and a corrosion-free undercarriage.

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Quick facts

What made this car special:

  • 42,000 genuine kilometres
  • Original paint – zero repairs
  • Factory specification of Kaiser Silver / Brilliant black roof / black leather interior
The moment I drove the NSX, all the benchmark cars – Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini – I had been using as references in the development of my car vanished from my mind.
Gordon Murray CBE, designer of the McLaren F1

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