According to Toyota, 'brains and brawn' was the spirit promoted during the development of the 220-series Toyota Crown

In other words, this car gives you a sporty rear-wheel drive platform powered by an excellent hybrid driveline

The 220-series Toyota Crown was the last traditional sedan in a lineage of over 60-years.

The one that followed was more of hatchback than a traditional sedan. As Toyota itself states, the 220-series Crown was developed on the Nurburgring. Its goal was to hone its already-proven rear-wheel drive architecture and imbue it with greater sense of sportiness and control.

Examples like this one feature the best of Toyota’s powertrain department too, with its ‘Dynamic Force’ 2.5-litre engine and ‘THS II‘ next-generation hybrid system. Cutting through the technical garbage, this Crown’s second-generation hybrid system works at higher speeds and also features a longer-and-faster electric-only range, meaning more versatility, more performance and lower fuel bills.

Its ‘Dynamic Force’ 2.5-litre engine was also the most thermally-efficient car engine in the world, meaning you get quite-literally the best bang-for-your-buck performance on the market.

If you’re after a car that sips like a small hatch but features a performance-oriented and European-inspired rear-wheel drive feel, then the 220-series Toyota Crown is certainly worth a drive.

The car pictured – 2019 Toyota Crown Hybrid S C Package (AZSH20)

This Toyota Crown Hybrid was built in May 2019 and is an ‘AZSH20’ model in a ‘S C Package’ trim level.

As an ‘AZSH20’ model, it’s powered by a 2.5-litre four-cylinder ‘A25A-FXS’ engine with Toyota hybrid system and an automatic transmission. It is also rear-wheel drive. This engine was also used in Australian Toyota models, which means parts are readily available locally.

As a ‘S C Package’ trim level, it features a unique ‘Japan Colour Selection’ interior trim option. In this case, this example’s exquisite ‘8w7 – Lunar Blue’ exterior paintwork was paired with a special tan-over-Aubergene two-tone interior colourway.

That makes this combination rare and unusual. As you’d expect from a late-model luxury car, the Toyota Crown Hybrid is packed-full of safety systems. There’s auto emergency braking that detects pedestrians at day and night and bikes in the day, dynamic Radar Cruise Control with a full-speed range, lane Tracing Assist that keeps the vehicle in the centre of the lane, automatic and adaptive headlights that irradiates high beam without blinding oncoming cars, and road sign assist that tells you the speed limit by reading signs on your behalf.

That’s just some of its features. This vehicle was purchased was USS Nagoya at a Grade 4.5A vehicle in exceptional condition.

What made this one special

  • 2019 Toyota Crown Hybrid AZSH20
  • 14,500km
  • 2.5-litre four-cylinder with Toyota hybrid system
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Keyless entry and start
  • Electric seats with lumbar support
  • Adaptive cruise control, auto emergency braking forward and backward, auto high beams, lane keeping assist
  • ‘Colour selection’ package sees Lunar Blue paint meet a tan-over-Aubergene special interior option
  • Rear view camera
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Japanese de-registration paperwork and auction paperwork available.
  • Vehicle was 4.5A grade
  • Price includes three months NSW registration
  • Price includes Australian compliance
  • Price includes a NSW roadworthy
In inheriting the passion from the early days of the company, I wanted the world to see the 'Japanese brains and brawn' that went into developing this car. It was with this spirit that we promoted development.
Akira Akiyama, chief engineer, Launch of 220-series Toyota Crown

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