Aptly named, the N-Box is Honda's entry into Japan's most-popular vehicle segment – the kei hatchback

And as you'd expect from Honda; it's peppy, feels tight to drive, and is very smartly designed

Honda really are the BMW of Japan.

They build sharp and clever driving tools; and at one point equipped most of its passenger car line-up with a sophisticated double-wishbone suspension setup.

It only took the Porsche 911 some 50+ years to get to that stage, and only recently. When Honda builds a car; it does so properly, and also finishes them with smart and user-friendly touches everywhere.

Those Honda ‘magic’ back seats are one such example. The second row of seatings folds both up, and down. It means you can either fold the seat base up to store things smartly, or fold it completely flat to fit something huge. The second row of seating also slides and reclines, and can fit either two adults or two child seats via ISOFIX mounting points.

It’s extremely comfy in every seat of the Honda N-Box Custom. Other sweet touches include driving assistance mirrors that passively show you vision up, down and side the car, as well as neat interior storage filled with USB charging ports.

The engine feels strong, and the ride firmer than most-other kei hatch vans.

It also looks the most-resolved too; almost steely and serious.

The car pictured – 2018 Honda N-Box Custom EX Turbo

This Honda N-Box Custom was built in August 2018 and is an ‘EX Turbo’ trim level.

That means it’s powered by a 660cc three-cylinder ‘S07B’ turbocharged engine with 47kW of power and 104Nm of torque. Power is handled by a CVT and sent exclusively to the front wheels.

As a top-spec Honda N-Box Custom EX Turbo, it features all the fruit. That includes keyless entry and push-button start, electric sliding doors, automatic emergency braking (city – low speed), lane departure warning, full LED headlights and suede/pleather interior trim.

This vehicle was purchased from USS Tokyo, Japan, and comes with two sets of keys. It presents in above-average condition for its age, with its exterior wholly original. The interior is in great condition too, this vehicle has not been smoked in.

Specification Breakdown

Quick facts of the car pictured be found here:

  • 2018 Honda N-Box Custom EX Turbo
  • 52,097km
  • ‘S07B’ turbocharged three-cylinder engine
  • CVT / Front-wheel drive
  • Keyless entry + start
  • Electric sliding doors
  • Autonomous Emergency braking (City – low speed)
  • Lane departure warning
  • Suede/pleather interior trim
  • Full LED headlights
  • Cup holders, smart storage, multiple USB charging ports
  • Japanese de-registration paperwork and auction paperwork available
  • Price includes Australian compliance
  • Price includes a NSW roadworthy (blue slip)
  • Price includes three-months NSW registration
Under the concept of 'for the happiness of families in Japan,' Honda developed this all-new N-BOX with the goal of setting a new standard for family-type cars.
Honda Japan; August 31, 2017

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