One-of-100 six-speed manual sports sedans ever built by Toyota's internal skunkworks department.

If you want a modern, rear-wheel drive performance sedan with a manual transmission – this is it.

Toyota’s Gazoo Racing (GR) development team created the 2015 Toyota Mark X GRMN sports sedan after showing off a concept version at the 2014 Tokyo Autosalon.

The concept worked with the brand’s latest X-series chassis – from the same lineage as cars like the JZX100 Chaser –and stuck a six-speed manual in it, carbon-fibre roof, and one-off aero with plenty more carbon fibre.

As Toyota discontinued a manual transmission with the outgoing JZX110 model\I, this concept car represented what a modern-day Toyota Chaser could look like

After being inundated with interest, Toyota GR commissioned a limited run of 100 examples each with a manual transmission, carbon fibre roof, and all the factory aero as shown by the concept car.

Given it weighs around 1500kg, it’s pretty much a modern take on an E39 BMW M5.

It’s probably better, in all reality.

About the car pictured – 2015 Toyota Mark X GRMN

One-of-100 Toyota Mark X GRMN ever built. This car was originally sold new by lottery. This example was bought by a lucky Australian who imported it brand-new in 2015 with only 110km on the clock.

He kept it five years and serviced it ten times. It was then purchased by Cult & Classic late in 2020 having travelled just 14,000km and entered our collection for 15-months.

The vehicle was in factory condition and still completely original. It was later sold to a collector who loves the Toyota 2GR engine and has one in the back of his mid-engine sports car from Coventry.

Quick facts

What made this car special:

  • One-of-1o0 ever made
  • Came to Australia as a brand-new car
  • Six-speed manual / rear-wheel drive
  • High-output 2GR naturally-aspirated V6
  • Carbon-fibre roof (whole skin!)
  • Carbon-fibre exterior aero
  • Limited-slip differential
  • GR track-focussed suspension
  • Alcantara T-Select bucket seats
A deviation from the norm to see Toyota hand-building a low-production performance car, the Mark X GRMN is a genuinely a treat to drive and feels every-bit built by enthusiasts.

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