One-one-315 delivered to Australia, and one-of-100 finished in Ultimate green.

Featuring an insane five-cylinder turbo engine and RevoKnuckle front suspension, the Ford Focus RS was the first 'hyper' hatch ever made.

It wasn’t the 225kW of power that made you wonder, it was the 440Nm worth of torque.

How does this car go down the road without steering itself into the kerb? Honestly, there remains some torque steer, but Ford’s double-wishbone front-end re-imagined as ‘RevoKnuckle’ certainly does the trick.

The odd bit of steering wheel tug is worth it for the incredible engine that lurks underneath the vented bonnet. The five-cylinder engine – a heavily revised version  of the original Volvo 850 R’s five-banger – was the true star here.

The noise it makes is sheer madness, and it’s the closest thing you can get to being an Group B rally driver wheeling an pretend Audi quattro.

About the car pictured – 2010 Ford Focus RS

This example was one-of-100 Ultimate Green Ford Focus RS delivered to Australia.

It was purchased from its first owner in 2018 and entered our collection for a 24-month period. The car was still wearing its original Michelin performance tyres and had been largely wrapped in Paint Protection Film (PPF) from new.

It has a full Ford service history. The only modification carried out was a custom exhaust system fitted with a Vibrant muffler and a hand-made centre resonator made here in Australia courtesy of SP Mufflers.

Quick facts

What made this car special:

  • One-of-315 ever delivered in Ultimate Green
  • Factory-fitted widebody kit with huge rear wing vented bonnet
  • Wild 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbo engine
  • Manual transmission
  • Recaro CS sports seats
It wasn’t just the headline output figures – here was a fast Ford with the visual clout to put many mid-engined sports cars in the shade.
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