A limited-run and hand-built performance version of the world's smallest four-seat production car.

It's unlike Toyota to deviate from the system and hand-build cars after hours, but that's exactly what's happened here.

The Toyota iQ GRMN was the first-ever car to wear a GR badge.

GR stands for Gazoo Racing, and  this rather odd name is Toyota’s new performance moniker. It’s already thrown its new GR performance treatment at cars like the Toyota Supra, Toyota 86, Toyota HiLux and Toyota Yaris already; but ironically it all started here.

They only hand-built 100 examples of the Toyota iQ GRMN, and this one is the only one currently in Australia. Aside from a 1.3-litre “big block” swap, the factory Gazoo Racing team also fitted sports dampers, a manual transmission, custom-specified RAYS engineering wheels and upgraded exhaust system.

About the car pictured – 2009 Toyota iQ GRMN

This example was one-of-100 ever produced and had covered 154,000km from new.

The car was still fitted with its factory Gazoo Racing red dampers and springs. Its 1.3-litre 1NR-FE engine worked hard and made it fun to drive.

Aside from a front bumper that was repainted due to cosmetic imperfections, the bodywork is original and well-above average in condition.

Quick facts

What made this car special:

  • One-of-100 ever made and the only one in Aus
  • A hand-built Toyota and the first GR car ever made
  • Manual transmission
  • A rare performance version of the world’s smallest four-seat car!
You don't need to go fast to have fun in a road car, and that's exactly what Toyota's in-house Motorsport team believes in too.

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