Call us the V8 Factory – we've bought over 10 examples of IS-F to date.

The Lexus IS-F represents Japan's first crack at squaring-off with the Europeans in the super sedan ring.

The Lexus IS-F represents the first time Japan knuckled-down at building high-cost, precision-engineered and high performance metal.

Powered by a purpose-built 5.0-litre, quad-cam and 48-valve V8 masterpiece, even the powertrain was testament to the ethos of high-end performance.

Toyota’s 2UR-FSE V8 has a bright power band with an RPM threshold around 7000. Its induction-heavy soundtrack is absolutely heavenly, and the firm chassis provides a sense of agility and eagerness to the drive.

Unlike options from Europe, the Lexus IS-F is actually bloody bulletproof. You don’t find issues with rod bearing or stretched head studs here.

They go the distance – the F stands for Fuji Speedway– and the  product was developed in a motorsport environment with durability as a focus.

About the car pictured – 2008 Lexus IS-F

This example has covered just 74,000km from new and was a one-owner car in Japan.

It spent its life on the road in Nagoya, Japan, and had never been modified.

It came with a detailed service history, Japanese de-registration paperwork and an auction grading of 4.5B

Quick facts

What made this car special:

  • Genuine 74,000km
  • One owner
  • Original paint – zero repairs
  • Zero modifications
  • Service history and great provenance
I reckon rear end traction, grip and accuracy are a match for the BMWs, and the IS-F does have a truly bonkers engine, a proper roarer that goes rabid over 3700rpm.
Ollie Marriage – EVO Magazine

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