Over in Japan, they took the Mitsubishi Outlander far more seriously...

By fitting a Lancer Evo turbocharged engine and all-wheel drive underpinnings!

Don’t you love when a car manufacturer re-purposes its performance car bits?

In our time driving, buying and reviewing cars, we’ve often said more than once; “If only they fitted the engine from their performance car into this thing?”

Well, this is the answer to that exact question. Over in Australia, Mitsubishi sold its first real SUV as the plain old and boring Outlander.

Mitsubishi Outlanders were – and still are – a popular car in Australia. Over in Japan however, they jazzed things up. They literally took the legendary rally-bred 4G63 engine and five-speed automatic from the Lancer Evolution 7 GT-A and fitted it to their Outlander, calling it the Airtrek Turbo R.

Mechanically underneath it’s just like an Evo, so parts are readily available and heavily supported too. The rest of the car is just like your Grandmother’s Outlander, so rest assured you can get the rest of the parts you need pretty easily too.

The five-speed Auto was originally designed for the Evo, so expect a performance-orientated and clever transmission that shifts quickly and feels direct under throttle applications.

Couple it with all-wheel drive and a medium-size wagon body makes for a really capable, spacious and affordable family car. If you want something affordable and with a heart of gold – then give this a whurl.

Fit a cat-back exhaust and it’ll sound identical to a Mitsubishi Evo 7 or 8!

Our Mitsubishi Airtrek was built in July 2002 and is a ‘Turbo R’ trim level.

That means it’s powered by the legendary 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder ‘4G63’ engine with 177kW of power / 343Nm of torque and constant all-wheel drive.

Our car is a one-owner example that’s covered just 39,500 kilometres from new. The metallic silver paint is uncommon and the vehicle presents in above-average condition for its age.

As you’d expect with such low mileage, the vehicle is free from corrosion and completely original underneath.


Quick facts

  • 2002 Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo R
  • Genuine 39,500km!
  • 2.0-litre ‘4G63’ turbocharged engine (Evo 7 GT-A running gear)
  • Five-speed auto / All wheel drive
  • Auction grade 4.0B
  • Factory equipment: Climate control, remote central locking, Alarm/immobiliser, cup holders, heaps of storage space
  • Japanese de-registration paperwork and auction paperwork available
  • This vehicle is currently located in Japan and is on the way to Australia.
  • The price is for the vehicle landed in Australia, complied ready for road use/road worthy nationally, and with registration
  • The price includes three months NSW registration
The Airtrek is a fast-selling new-age crossover RV that brings together the comfort of the sedan and the go-anywhere, high-utility qualities of a SUV.
Mitsubishi Japan at 37th Tokyo Motor Show, October 15 2003

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