A crowd-favourite immortalised by Gran Turismo – now available in real life!

This quirky kei hatch is a one-owner example with a full Honda dealership service history from new!

Do you remember the Sunday Cup?

It was that entry-level race in Gran Turimso 2 with no regulations or rules. Every player of the game cut their teeth in the Cup, and it was usually done driving cars exactly like this 1997 Honda Life.

Cars like the Honda Life were new when Gran Turismo 2 came out; meaning you were often gifted one, won one, or picked one up cheap in the virtual used car lot.

Over in real life however, lots of these awesome kei hatchbacks from the 1990s have now been scrapped, destroyed or simply lost to time. As regular commuter cars, they were street parked, traded-in and seldom loved like 2JZ powered Toyotas or two-door sports cars from Nissan or Mazda.

Ironically, good-condition examples have become true cult cars. The 1997 Honda Life is one of cooler examples – a unique slice of motoring that screams 1990s optimism.

It’s shape, design and ethos are all funky, proud and so of the period, and this car’s factory configuration makes it truly rare. It’s a one-owner car – and one that was factory-optioned with Honda Sports aero from new.

A true unicorn, and a true survivor.

The car pictured – 1998 Honda Life T Type Aero (JB1)

Our Honda Life was built in July 1998 and is a ‘T Type’ trim level.

That means it’s powered by a 658cc three-cylinder ‘E07Z’ petrol engine with 39kW of power and 61Nm of torque. It’s light at 800kg – so performance is adequate.

This example was factory-optioned with the box and dice: factory aero for the front, sides and back, climate control air conditioning, premium audio with CD player, dual air bags, auto power windows, and 13-inch alloy wheels.

It’s also a one-owner car with a full Honda dealership service history that’s covered just 53,600km from new.

What made this one special

Quick facts of the car pictured be found here:

  • 1998 Honda Life T-Type Aero
  • 53,000km
  • 658cc inline three-cylinder engine
  • Five-speed manual transmission / Front-wheel drive
  • Factory options: Honda sports aero kit, Premium audio with CD player, Auto windows, Dual air bags
  • Factory equipment: Climate control air conditioning, folding rear seats, cup holders.
  • Japanese de-registration paperwork and auction paperwork available
  • Price includes Australian compliance
  • Price includes a NSW roadworthy
  • Price includes three-months NSW registration
Fun and lightweight, Kei cars prove the age-old philosophy that you can't undo mass and you simply need to add lightness

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