This Crown Majesta is unusual with a six-cylinder 2JZ engine and spring suspension

Which, in all reality, makes it faster and more reliable

The Crown Majesta is the most boujeé model in the range.

Aside from V8 engines and air suspension, the main reason for buying one is its styling. Majestas are ornate and evocative, and wear designs inspired by the finer things from Europe and America.

However, it’s those first two points that prove problematic. The V8 engine is thirsty and has lots of consumable parts, whereas the air suspension can become tired and problematic as the vehicle ages.

Ironically, this 150-series Crown Majesta has neither. It’s powered by a naturally-aspirated 2JZ-GE 3.0-litre straight-six engine and rides on steel spring suspension.

That means it’ll go forever and also that it doesn’t handle bad, either.

About the car pictured – 1997 Toyota Crown Majesta (JZS155)

Our Toyota Crown was built in March 1997 and is an “A Type” trim level.

That means it features a 3.0-litre, straight-six and naturally-aspirated ‘2JZ-GE’ engine, four-speed automatic and is also rear-wheel drive. Standard features include a digital dashboard, automatic headlights, touchscreen infotainment systen, remote central locking, climate control, an electric driver’s seat, electric rear seats, dark wool interior and traction control.

This example was purchased from Nara, Japan, and has a full Toyota service history. It also rides on late-model Lexus SC430 wheels.

Quick Facts

  • 69,990km
  • 2JZ 3.0-litre straight-six engine
  • Four speed auto / rear-wheel drive
  • Digital dashboard
  • Dark wool interior option
  • Climate control air conditioning
  • Electric driver’s seat
  • Rear electric seat
  • CD player and eight-speaker stereo
  • Remote central locking
  • Genuine Toyota seat doilys
  • Auction grade 4.0B
Clearly looking to Europe for inspiration, Toyota took the idea of a large, rear-wheel drive and six-cylinder sedan – and made it even better.

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