A 2JZ-powered Toyota Crown finished in the rare two-tone shade of green-over-grey

Add in some genuine Work Euroline wheels and you get quite the package for the money.

The 150-series Toyota Crown was made during a time where Toyota – at least domestically – were targeting the Europeans in terms of quality and design.

If you squint, you might just see some Mercedes-Benz W142 about its front end. Toyota went further than just styling however, as the Crown also rides and drives like one too.

The engine is a variable-valve timed and naturally-aspirated 2JZ-GE – a buttery-smooth 3.0-litre motor as found in the Toyota Supra. The amount of thick carpet and sound deadening is plentiful too, meaning the cabin is quiet and feels high-end as a result.

And depending on the model you buy, you’ll get awesome things like a digital dashboard, automatic headlights, electric heated seats, rear electric reclining seats, and plenty more goodies along the lines of 1990s excess.

The 150-series is affordable, inherently quality, and shows great potential in terms of modification.

At the end of the day – it’s a rear-wheel drive Toyota S-Chassis car with a 2JZ!

About the car pictured – 1997 Toyota Crown Royal Touring (JZS155)

Our Toyota Crown was built in February 1997 and is a “Royal Touring” trim level with JZ engine.

That means it’s powered by a 3.0-litre naturally-aspirated 2JZ engine and features automatic headlights, remote central locking, climate control, an electric driver’s seat, and a dark wool interior.

It was purchased in Japan via their domestic auction network and was graded 4.0B. A set of genuine Work Euroline wheels were fitted in Japan by our workshop, alongside new suspension too.

This particular car’s dark-green over grey two-tone combination is rare, as is the darker interior combination too. The vehicle’s paintwork is original and the car shows no sign of paint repairs.

Quick facts

What made this car special:

  • Green-over-grey factory two-tone paint
  • 2JZ 3.0-litre straight-six engine
  • Four speed auto / rear-wheel drive
  • Dark interior option
  • Climate control air conditioning
  • Electric driver’s seat
  • Genuine Work Euroline three-piece wheels
  • New suspension
Clearly looking to Europe for inspiration, Toyota took the idea of a large, rear-wheel drive and six-cylinder sedan – and made it even better.

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