With a smattering of rare factory options, this 150-series Toyota Crown was configured with class

It has a five-speed auto, cruise control, and a dark wool interior.

It’s obvious where Toyota took inspiration from when it designed, engineered and proofed the 150-series Toyota Crown.

If you squint, you might see some Mercedes-Benz W124 about its front end. The Toyota Crown has been Japan’s default luxury car choice since the ’70s; but after looking to America for inspiration during those times, it then turned to Europe for more.

It even targeted the Germans in terms of ride quality and noise/vibration suppression too – not just styling. Toyota started with the best-possible candidate for smoothness, its legendary ‘2JZ’ 3.0-litre straight six.

The engine is a variable-valve timed and buttery smooth. The amount of thick carpet and sound deadening found in a 150-series Crown is plentiful too, meaning the cabin is quiet and feels rather high-end.

And depending on the model you buy, you’ll get some awesome factory options too. This particular car has a rare five-speed auto option, cruise control, and an uncommon dark wool fabric trim.

The 150-series Toyota Crown is affordable, inherently quality, and shows great potential in terms of modification.

At the end of the day – it’s a rear-wheel drive Toyota S-chassis car with a 2JZ!

About the car pictured – 1996 Toyota Crown Royal Touring (JZS155)

Our Toyota Crown was built in July 1996 and is a “Royal Touring” trim level finished in single-tone metallic silver. It was a one-owner car in Japan!

As a Royal Touring model, it’s powered by a 3.0-litre naturally-aspirated 2JZ -GE engine. This example was factory optioned with a five-speed auto, cruise control, and a dark interior.

Standard features include climate control air conditioning, automatic headlights, remote central locking, power steering, cup holders and more.

It was purchased in Japan via its domestic auction network and was auction graded 4.0B. The vehicle presents in well-above average condition for its age and has been service by Toyota dealerships in Japan as per the service stickers in its engine bay.

The paint is wholly-original and the car has never been repaired and has never seen salty roads.

What made this one special :

  • One-owner car!
  • 2JZ 3.0-litre straight-six engine
  • Five speed auto / rear-wheel drive
  • Genuine 127,000km
  • Cruise control
  • Dark interior option
  • Climate control air conditioning
  • USS Auction grade 4.0B
  • Vehicle comes with NSW compliance certificare
  • Vehicle comes with three-months NSW registration
Clearly looking to Europe for inspiration, Toyota took the idea of a large, rear-wheel drive and six-cylinder sedan – and made it even better.

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