If the MoonEyes dash mat isn't enough of a give-away, this one clearly draws inspiration from US custom car culture

It's Coca-Cola paint job is absolutely loaded flake, and it's multi-piece wheels are wide and deep as they should be.

Personally speaking for a second – we love modifying our own cars here at Cult and Classic.

Whilst we specialise in importing clean, original and low-mileage ‘blank canvases’ for people to enjoy, we often toy with the idea of finding a nicely customised car to put in the showroom too.

The usual problem we have is that our standards are too high – sometimes custom cars are not modified to the exacting standard we’d prefer. Another prerequisite we have for a custom car is that it must have undergone a sweet colour change as well.

As they say, no car is truly customised until it’s been repainted in very a personal and one-off hue. We saw this particular 1993 Toyota Crown go to auction and immediately loved its flake-ladened Coca-Cola brown respray.

The more you look over it, the more little custom elements you’ll find. The paint job has been laid to a high standard, and the rest of the car reminds remarkably well for its age.

The base vehicle is a JZS133 Crown – so a rear-wheel drive three-box sedan that’s reliable-as-sin and powered by the same 2JZ donk as found in Paul Walker’s Toyota Supra.

That means it’s a typical workhorse that’ll light-up the rear tyres and provide you with trouble-free motoring until you die.

Yes, the car will outlast you. This one is really sweet, a true one-off and worthy of entering the odd show-n-shine if you’re that way inclined.

About the car pictured – 1993 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon (JZS133)

Our Toyota Crown was built in February 1993 and is a “Royal Touring” trim level.

That means it features a 3.0-litre, straight-six and naturally-aspirated ‘2JZ-GE’ engine, four-speed automatic and is also rear-wheel drive. It features a factory dark blue Velour interior and is a factory column-shift model with front and rear seat benches.

Other standard features automatic headlights, remote central locking, climate control, an sick Hi-Fi system, and fog lights. This example has been customised with a custom Coca-Cola brown respray, custom side mirrors, lowered suspension, three-piece lightweight wheels and a few other touches.

The paint job has been laid to  high-standard and the vehicle’s door/boot jambs have also been painted, too. The car was originally black.

Quick facts

  • One-off custom Coca-Cola brown respray
  • Three-piece JDM wheels
  • Column-shift model with front seat bench
  • Mint blue velour interior
  • 89,000km
  • 2JZ 3.0-litre straight-six engine
  • Four speed auto / rear-wheel drive
  • Climate control air conditioning
  • Sweet factory Hi-Fi
  • Remote central locking
  • Auction grade 4.0B
Clearly looking to Europe for inspiration, Toyota took the idea of a large, rear-wheel drive and six-cylinder sedan – and made it even better.

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