With its circular headlights and vintage appeal, the early-1990s Suzuki Carry has been one of our most requested

But given they're a cheap and cheerful commercial vehicle, many never survived the test of time. This model Suzuki Carry is actually quite rare!

Being honest for a second – so many people walk into our workshop wanting a vintage Kei truck.

Most are genuine buyers who use technology to empower their ideas – something we love, support and believe in here at Cult and Classic.

However, the slightly cheaper purchase price and arguably better styling does come with some compromises. Compared to a later-model Suzuki Carry – for not much more money – you get a markedly better experience that’s worth spending more on.

However, some have been persistent, and we also admire those who do not waver. We’ve been patient too, as trying to find a 1990s Kei truck is actually really hard. They were all used, abused, and destroyed; and especially so in ‘god tier’ specification of manual transmission, factory 4×4, low-range and rear diff lock, and factory air con!

Literally all of the examples in that spec were ruined years ago – except this one. It’s the best spec, so we just had to bring it over for the purist who probably likes smoking analogue cigarettes, too.

The car pictured – 1993 Suzuki Carry 4×4 +

Our Suzuki Carry was built in 1993 and is finished in white.

It is a five-speed manual model with selectable 4×4, low-range transfer case and rear differential lock. Factory extras include air conditioning and power steering.

It’s powered by a 660cc three-cylinder ‘F6A’ engine that’s known for its steadfast relaibility. The tray is in above-average condition for its age and features scuff marks consummate with its age and use.

The interior presents well and features red floor mats. If you’re after bull bars, upgraded wheels and tyres or even a factory double-din stereo conversion with Australia Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, we offer all these services in-house.

We also keep a wide parts holding of spares for repairs as well, and have a service and repair network that extends from Sydney to the Southern Highlands.

We hand-pick each and every car in Japan after carefully inspecting them in the metal. We pride ourselves on corrosion free, high-quality and low owner/low km examples.

What made this one special:

  • 1993 Suzuki Carry
  • 65,200km
  • USS Auction grading 4C – remarkable!
  • Four-speed manual
  • Selectable 4×4, Low range transfer case, Diff lock
  • Rare configuration
  • Factory equipment includes air conditioning
  • 660cc Suzuki ‘F6A’ engine / Mid-engine (longitudinal)
  • Japanese de-registration paperwork, auction paperwork and service history available.
  • Price includes NSW compliance
  • Price includes three months NSW registration
Nothing hits like the original, and putting up with its old-school nuance is half the charm.

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